Sagar Gaikwad

Age: 31 years
Occupation : Proprietor - Mobile store.

We connect customers to long term lenders for housing finance for, informally employed, self-employed, other economically under-served customer segments.
Many customers are new to credit.

Jitendra Bhanushali

Age: 36 years
Occupation : Salesman

We operate in the periphery of metro cities, as well as Tier I, II and III cities, evaluating properties in both municipal and gram panchayat limits.

Raju Kadam

Age: 24 years
Occupation : Hardware store proprietor

We assist lenders in financing customers that wish to construct their own properties or those purchasing flats or houses. Average ticket size is ₹ 10 Lakh.

Vijay Chauhan

Age: 32 years
Occupation : Ladies Tailor

No. of loans enabled: 1400 +
Enabled AUM: ₹ 130 Cr+
20 locations served, with another 20 in the pipeline

Majority of the customers sourced by LEAF belong to the Low-Income Group (LIG) category and are eligible for the PMAY subsidy, which vastly improves their life while lowering the risk on the loan.
Over 500 customers have received the subsidy, amounting to ~ ₹ 15 Cr

Disclaimer: We are Business Correspondents and we connect customers to appropriate lenders.