Credit Life Insurance

We help lenders bundle credit life insurance with home loans and have a 100% success rate with our customers. In case of death of the primary applicant, this policy covers the entire loan outstanding through the tenure of the loan.
We have enabled ~950 policies, and a premium of ₹ 1.8 Cr.

Fire and Accident Insurance

We have initiated helping lenders to bundle fire and accident insurance, like credit life insurance, and we are targeting 100% success on this product as well. This policy will cover any damages to the mortgaged property by fire, floods, earthquakes and other accidents or acts of God.

Daily Hospital Cash Allowance

Based on the needs of our customer segment, we plan to offer them a unique, benefits-based hospital cash product. This policy gives the customer a fixed daily benefit amount for each day of hospitalization and requires minimal paperwork.

Critical Illness and Accident Insurance

We also plan to help customers get cover against critical illnesses and personal accidents that can provide them with immediate relief in times of need.

Disclaimer: We are Business Correspondents and we connect customers to appropriate lenders.